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Company History

Dust Tex Service Sioux Falls SD Building Welcome good Friends and Neighbors,

I am actually really honored that you are interested in the story behind our Company. But I’m even more honored to be able to tell it. I promise you that this story makes all the difference. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Bill was a young man who grew up during the Depression of the 1930’s. He understood what it was like to duck your head and put in an honest day’s work.

He started his experience in the textile laundry rental business when he went to work for his Uncle in California. After a few years, he had become a Route Supervisor, and moved to work for his Step-Father in Wyoming.

It was in Wyoming that they met the founder of Dust-Tex Service, who encouraged them to start their own franchise territory in the Mid-west. Bill moved to Iowa  with his step-father, and together, they began to grow their business by serving the dust control needs of their community.

After a couple more years, his step-father encouraged him to settle in Sioux Falls, as it was a nice community that was starting to grow larger and larger. Bill was finally all on his own, and building the foundations of the Dust-Tex Service which has grown to this day.

Why did Bill succeed? Competitor after competitor came in from out of town and out of state, often playing pricing games in order to try and win clients. But Bill understood that in the long run, people want to be treated fairly. They want their cleaning “service” to be honest and simple, and they want to be treated as well as the next client down the road. He stood honorably on this platform, and it has served him and his clients well for over 50 years.

If you are ready to return to a clean, honorable, and trustworthy economic community, then you’ll want to choose Dust-Tex. Make no mistake about it – the quick-buck-and-a-contract games of our competitors are not your only option. We have always stood for fair treatment, honesty, and dedicated service to our customers, and we know you want to as well. We invite you to uphold this clean platform in your own home and business.

Let’s play clean together.

I Sincerely Hope To Serve You As Bill Did,

Neal Bertelsen (Bill’s Son)

Community Vision

Businesses who have been well-established within their sphere for more than a decade carry a certain responsibility within the economic community. Dust-Tex has been established in Sioux Falls for over five of them. What is that responsibility? What Vision do we seek to preserve and ever-renew? Honor, integrity, and clean, straight-forward service given from one to another. The strength of a community is not built on gimmicks, nor preserved on contracts. It is built on the level of Trust we have for one another. That Trust might get sullied from time to time as the decades pass and we stray from our community virtues, but it remains our Vision to clean it up, and give it back to our Community again and again, for as long as our Community will employ our Service. Will you join our Vision?


It is the Mission of Dust Tex Service to maintain and preserve the cleanliness of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and its surrounding supportive communities. Symbolically, we ensure cleanliness in our community virtue by staying true to our honor, pricing our items honestly, dealing with our clients and customers and employees fairly, and serving consistently without the need of a legal contract. Materially, we ensure cleanliness of our community space by laundering and cleaning that which we find dirty, and which people ask to be renewed. We treat what we do as a symbol of something much nobler than the dirt, muck, and dust which we dispose of. And this is why we do not play games. We Play Clean.

Buildings Cleaned

Clients Satisfied

SD Winters Survived

Foot-ball Fields of “Dust” Relocated


Keepers of The Clean



“Bill” was the foundation and inspiration of our Family Business. His was the vision of playing clean and fair, and staying true to the virtues which make a community clean and strong. His honorable spirit continues to inspire those who succeed him, and while he no longer runs things on a day to day basis, you may still see him sporting his old Dust-Tex hat proudly.

Current Owner


Neal is the current Owner of Dust Tex Service in Sioux Falls, SD. His has been the opportunity to distill from his Father’s vision what it is that has made Dust Tex succeed over so many decades. “Playing Clean” is something which he sees as foundational to the legacy which he carries. He hopes that in a few short years, his own children will be able to carry this tradition onward and spread this honorable vision again within the Sioux Falls Community.


Communities Served

Dust-Tex Service has been serving Sioux Falls and its supporting communities within a 100 mile radius for over 50 years. May Trust, Honor, and Success meet you all on a Clean Foundation for another 50. We’re so proud of all of you, and thank you for playing clean with us!